[Vocabulary/Writing] Essential vocabulary for academic writing – Topic 2: Education

[Vocabulary/Writing] Essential vocabulary for academic writing – Topic 2: Education

Tiếp tục trong chuối Essential vocabulary for academic writing, hôm nay Naomi sẽ gửi tặng các bạn các cụm từ học thuật hay và chất cho chủ đề Giáo dục nha.

academic requirements: yêu cầu về học thuật, như điểm trung bình môn (GPA) chẳng hạn

academic qualifications: các bằng cấp học thuật, như bằng CĐ, ĐH

academic knowledge

a university degree: bằng ĐH

to give more value to sth/ to give more stress on sth: think sth is more important

show/ have/reflect an adequate/sufficient understanding of sth

hands-on experience

to have an edge in their studies

the high/hefty/substantial tuition fee >< the low/modest/ reasonable tuition fee

living expenses:

distance learning/ e-learning/ virtual learning/ online education:

remote teaching

to extend/ increase one’s knowledge

a suitable/viable alternative to sth:

to pursue higher education/ to further one’s education:

a prestigious university

to gain admission to a university

co-educational schools/ mixed schools/ mixed-sex schools >< single-sex schools/ boys’ schools/ girls’ schools

to improve one’s job prospects

to put a premium on sth: to consider sth to be very important

all-round ability

free education/ tuition free schools

to waive tuition fee

to be deprived of education

to charge/impose a fee

to have access to education/ to access school

Naomi Hồng Anh

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